About Us

Carpet Market is a family owned company that originated in Virginia around 1985. Mr. Sung Kim came from Virginia to start a new branch in Texas and it has grown splendidly. His 27 years of craftsmanship has been acknowledged by many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and has been presented in the newspaper as well. Since he had much experience with building houses and putting down flooring for many businesses and homes, Kim is a knowledgeable carpenter. The company is still strong in Virginia and his name is growing larger in Texas still today.

Today, Carpet Market specializes in natural wood, natural stone, tiles, carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring. Not only do we do flooring, but also does stairs, counter-tops, and also does refinishing. Many people come to us for home remodeling for their companies and homes and we transform their places into what they have in mind. Because we finish our job strong and very well, many costumers recommend us to others. Carpet Market does nothing than the very best and is happy to be of a service to those with questions about homes or floors.

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